About Us

One Earth Farms has become the largest corporate farming operation in Canada. A true partnership between the private sector and First Nations, OEF represents a new model for North American farms.

About Us

One Earth Farms Corp

OEF is committed to becoming an industry leader by delivering superior results and a reduced risk profile through economies of scale, professional management and progressive agricultural practices.

A unique, scalable agribusiness that is carefully developing a series of strategic relations with key input suppliers and end users, OEF is working towards the development of branded products, particularly in natural beef.

Economies of scale
OEF seeks to transcend an industry norm for farming that requires the purchase of inputs and farming machinery in the retail market and the subsequent sale of the end products, traditionally raw commodities, into the wholesale market.

The ability to reverse this long-standing tradition—by having the size and capital to acquire core inputs in the wholesale market and then to participate in the processing phase, providing for a direct sale into the retail market—will enhance the profitability of farming in Western Canada.

Community agricultural development
One key focus of OEF is to build stable, long-term relationships with First Nations through a commitment to improved land management, equity participation, job opportunities and training. Discussions are currently underway with First Nations that have agricultural land holdings across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Sprott Resource Corp. first invested in One Earth Farms in 2009 and continues to hold a majority ownership position.

The One Earth Farms Story

In the Beginning

Eric Sprott (Sprott Resource Corp.) is well known among financial circles for his successes in the investment sector. He is also known among Aboriginal circles for his support of First Nations Peoples. [read more]

The Teepee Transfer

In recognition of the enduring friendship, respect and trusting relationship that OEF has forged with the Blood Tribe of Southern Alberta, the Blood Tribe offered to transfer a teepee to OEF. [read more]

Growing a Tomorrow

The rapid evolution of the strong business and community relationships forged between Muskowekwan First Nation (MFN) and One Earth Farms (OEF) captures one of the six key pillars that define the OEF vision and business plan, “Growing a Tomorrow,” by creating unique relationships. This is a story of vision, growth, integrity and a win-win partnership.


The OEF operational structure integrates the best of both business and cultural perspectives within a sustainable agribusiness model.

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Inroads to Agriculture is a $5.09M partnership that funds agricultural training, certification, and job placements for Aboriginal workers.

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