Branded Products

One Earth Farms is a vertically integrated Canadian agri-food business devoted to delivering farm-raised, organic and natural products to consumers who are looking for easy and accessible healthy alternatives for themselves and their families.  Currently under the One Earth Farms banner lies Beretta Farms, Beretta Kitchen, Canadian Premium Meats Inc and Sweetpea Organic Babyfood. 


Beretta Farms

Beretta Farms, acquired in February 2013, was started over 20 years ago by Mike and Cynthia Beretta and provides families across Canada with natural, organic and grassfed products, all raised without the use of hormones and antibiotics. 

Beretta Kitchen

Beretta Kitchen, founded in 2012, provides a ‘Farm to Fork’ catering experience with food made from scratch with the finest and freshest ingredients, including the exclusive use of premium Beretta proteins.  From intimate dinner parties, to corporate lunches, to wedding receptions, the Beretta Kitchen will cater to all of your needs, using the best natural and organic products to create an unforgettable experience in every bite. 

Heritage Angus

Heritage Angus was acquired by One Earth Farms in 2014, it is comprised of a group of western Canadian ranching families who are committed to working together to produce quality Canadian Angus Beef. Heritage Angus ensures that their land, animals and their water are treated with the highest level of respect, to better promote that wildlife and agriculture can co-exist in harmony.  

Black Apron Beef

Black Apron Beef Co., founded in 2015 is a private labelled brand offering premium Canadian Angus beef cuts, free from antibiotics, hormones and steroids, Black Apron Beef focuses on the traditions of butchery behind each cut of premium beef.   

Chinook Organics

Chinook Organics was acquired in early 2015 and brings to One Earth Farms a family of organic cattle producers and ranchers exclusively from Western Canada. Supplying Alberta and British Columbia, their 100% organically raised cattle is also free of antibiotics, steroids & hormones and raised in a sustainable and humane way, it is sold to many retailers in western Canada.

Sweetpea Baby Food

Sweetpea Organic Babyfood, acquired a few months following Beretta, provides busy parents with easy grab and go options they can feel good about feeding their baby.  Their line of cookies are organic, gluten and nut free and their frozen organic baby food is free of any added chemicals or preservatives.   

Canadian Premium Meats Inc

CPM (Canadian Premium Meats Inc) is a reliable top quality federally registered and EU approved custom harvesting facility and processing plant in Lacombe, Alberta. It provides its customers expertise in harvesting, processing and packaging in western Canada.