Mike Beretta

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Beretta has been a leader in the meat industry for more than 20 years, growing Beretta Farms into one of the most recognized natural and organic meat brands in Canada. Mr. Beretta has farmed, raised livestock, owned and operated a slaughterhouse and retail butcher shop, and founded and ran a brand that sells across Canada offering a wide array of proteins including beef, pork, chicken, turkey and lamb. Mr. Beretta has received numerous awards and accolades through his work within the Toronto food network and has been a past member of the Toronto Food Policy Council as well as a board member of the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario.

Ashlee Ricci

Director of Operations

Ashlee Ricci has been an operational leader in bringing the Beretta brand of organic and natural meat products to market in major retailers throughout the country. Acquiring new distribution channels for the brand and aligning strategic manufacturing opportunities have been her focus over the last eight years. With her strong operational background, Miss. Ricci has aided in growing Beretta Farms into a leading company in the food industry. As General Manager of Beretta Farms since 2009, Miss. Ricci oversaw the sales, operations, production and finance departments for the company during a period of strong growth.

Miss. Ricci graduated from Queen’s University with an honours degree in Life Sciences.